School cutting costs by not mailing fee statements

Students need not look to the mailbox for fee statements any longer. The university made the decision to become completely dependent on the online system for fee statements.

Students wanting a fee statement must access the SHSU web site and may view their statement by visiting the Sam Info link, then clicking on the Financial Information tab.

While students and parents may appreciate the paper fee statements, there are both advantages and disadvantages to the online system that everyone should be aware of.

The fee statements may still be printed by visiting the SHSU website. Not mailing fee statements help save time and money on paper and postage. Furthermore, a disadvantages of not having fee statements is that it won’t be mailed to students’ permanent addresses for parents to see,

Parents often pay tuition and expenses for students. Without a fee statement, parents may not remember or know what the charges are without their student reminding them.

Students must be more responsible to remember when payments are due. Also, once the payment is made students must remember to print a receipt from the internet.

Charles Carlow, the Director of the Business Office, said “with shorter funds and smaller appropriation money” the business office had to make a cut somewhere.

“It was a cost savings measure,” said Carlow. He further explained that they “are e-mailing students about their bills. We send several e-mails when a student owes money.”

Carlow said that if bills were sent out to half of the students (around 7,000 fee statements) and calculated the cost of postage, paper, printing the statements, folding and stuffing envelopes, time and man-power, it equals a lot of money. Just postage for 7,000 envelopes would cost nearly $2,600.

Carlow said he is unsure of the exact cost of how much they are saving but that it was a good amount.

Furthermore, Carlow said that parents are not being contacted in regards to the fee statements not being mailed.

“For privacy purposes we are not able to give the bill to the parents,” Carlow said.

“The student is held responsible for letting the parents know about the bill.”

Carlow said that fee statements will not be mailed for the spring or summer sessions. However, “fee statements will be mailed in the fall because we know many students go home during the summer,” Carlow said.

Some students understand why the university is not issuing printed fee statements.

“I always thought of it (fee statement) as a reminder–I guess they are trying to get everything on the Internet now,” Nicole Franzetti, a senior, said Wednesday. “It’s probably easier to get to.”

Tina Baiter, a junior, said, ” I think it’s a good idea. I like all the stuff they do online because I don’t have to keep up with the paper work.”

Senior, Deisy Verdinez said, “It really doesn’t affect me because I pay for my own schooling, but if parents are paying for student’s tuition and they don’ receive a fee statement it is very inconvenient.”

Senior Constance Jones didn’t agree with the online fee statements either.

“There is a definite need to continue billing mailings. Many students are supported by their parents who may not use online sources. Overall, I’m paying thousands for an education, the least the university could do is send me an official printed out bill!”

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