Attacker on streets again

The man who attempted to assault a female on campus in September is at it again.

Monday afternoon at approximately 4:45 p.m., two females walking down the stairs leading to the Johnson Coliseum were approached by a man who had his genitalia exposed. They ran to the Health and Kinesiology Building where they contacted the University Police Department. The females confirmed that the composite sketch that is posted all around campus and Huntsville was the man who approached them. The females described the man as a light skinned black male in his early 20s, about 6′ in height, thin build, black curly hair in a short high top style that is faded on the sides. He was also wearing a gray shirt with short white shorts. The females described the face of the suspect as having acne or pits around the eyes and nose area.

The previous incident that involved this man happened when a female student was walking back from class when a man grabbed her and forced her to an area between the coliseum and the teachers education center. The man told her to lie down but moved away when he heard voices. When he didn’t return, the female ran towards the coliseum parking lot. She screamed when she saw the man who tried to assault her running away. She then contacted the university police, and a campus wide search was conducted.

The suspect is still on the loose, and if any students see this man again, please contact Captain Kevin Morris or the University Police Department immediately at 936-294-1794.

For students who have night classes or don’t want to walk alone on campus at night, the University Police Department offers a free escort service for students. The UPD has six to eight people on patrol at night to escort students to their destinations if they request it. If students want to use this service, the number to call is 294-1794.

Colonel Culak from the UPD gave a few tips for students who have night classes or walk around campus at night. Don’t walk alone, use the escort service. Stay in well lit areas, don’t walk between buildings, stay away from areas with heavy vegetation, and be familiar with your surroundings.

A Safety Walk will take place on Nov. 12 after the Bear F.A.C.T.S. Forum. The Bear F.A.C.T.S. Forum will be held in the Kat Klub from 6-8.

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