Despite the upcoming break, class continues as usual

Surprisingly, there are a number of students and professors who have no problems with attending classes during the week of Thanksgiving.

“I do not think that we should get the whole week off for Thanksgiving,” said Sylvia Estrada, SHSU student “If we were to get the whole week off, then administration would probably start the fall semester earlier,” said Estrada.

This year’s academic calendar has classes scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, allowing the students to be off Wednesday through Friday. “I think we are lucky to get Wednesday off, many schools just get Thursday and Friday off,” said Estrada.

The mood of gratefulness surrounds many students and professors this year preceding the Thanksgiving holiday.

“I would think that it would be a blessing to have that Wednesday off because when I was in school all we had was that Thursday and Friday off,” said Dr. Bernadette Pruitt, assistant professor of history.

Though classes will still be held Monday and Tuesday, teachers have been known to decrease the workload of assignments during those two days. “I’m giving exams Monday and Tuesday of next week, yet they are more exciting and relaxed projects than I normally assign,” said Pruitt.

Yet, there are some students who would rather have the Thanksgiving break extended.

“We’ve been in school straight since the first week of September,” said Kacey Grimes, SHSU student. “Most professors are basically taking advantage of the holiday break to give the students a lot of work because they assume you have more free time.”

Students from the surrounding areas of Huntsville such as Houston or Dallas do not have a long trip back home, but the students that have great distances to travel would rather have the whole week off, too.

“People need the time to travel,” said Deirdre Lopez-Marquez, SHSU student. “I have to go all the way to Oklahoma.”

“Thursday is a family day, Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year and Sunday most people are returning to school,” said Marquez. “It would be more beneficial if we could have the whole week off.”

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