Movie Review: Matrix Revolutions

Three out of four stars (Rated R)

Running time: 91 minutes.

“Everything that has a beginning has an end”. That’s the tagline for The Matrix Revolutions, the third of the Matrix films. We understand that line as the movie progresses, Zion is under attack from the machines and Neo realizes that the future looks grim, not only for him but for mankind. Neo flies off to Machine City to stop the war using his spiritual powers, while Zion hangs on to the traditional method of war, blood and bullets.

The action and computer effects are absolutely great, I wouldn’t expect anything less from the Wachowski brothers. They have shown their ability as creative geniuses with effects and cinematography in the last two films and have not wavered in Revolutions. It was said that they spent two months designing an apparatus to make the perfect raindrop for the final fight scene. That kind of detail can be seen throughout the entire movie and is something a Matrix fan can appreciate.

The story is solid, but it’s understood through subtle storytelling. The overall idea is that there is a larger story being told with Neo being the catalyst. However, many people have not been too happy with the ending. It did lack that twist and punch that I was expecting, but if you are familiar with Judeo-Christian religion, you can pretty much predict what will happen.

But what people fail to look at is the entirety of the trilogy and the undertones that it presents. Not only is there great action and computer effects, there is a spiritual philosophy. It is very slick the way these ideas and beliefs from many religions and myths are put into the films.

So in that light, I enjoyed Revolutions. It answered a lot of questions that have been asked in the previous two, but raised a coupled more, leaving the end of the film a little open as to what happens next. In the end, I left the theater with the feeling of nothing really being resolved, that something had been missed.

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