I just wanted to comment on the excellent quality of the watercolor painting exhibit in the LSC. As an SHSU Art alum, I know the Art Department doesn’t get a lot of notice on campus, and I think it’s important for art students to know that their work is appreciated. I just wanted to let the artists know that their exhibit is wonderful. All of the works were amazing to look at, not just from a observer’s point of view but also an artistic view on technique, style, and composition. I was impressed with every artist and work shown. There was no sign or otherwise, however, to say if this was a class exhibit (which is what I’m assuming it is) or even perhaps an organization exhibit. If someone in the Houstonian could find that out, I’d really like to know, and if this could perhaps be published so that the artists will know that people are going in there to see their work. Once again, amazing job you guys!!!!!!

Jennifer Meadows

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