Bad Professors – What’s a student to do?

We’ve all had them at some time or another. We avoid them at all costs, but sometimes they are inevitable… In case you don’t know, I am talking about bad professors at SHSU.

I think what I have to say speaks for many students here at Sam. I am not speaking for the students who sleep through class, if they even go, who don’t care about school, and are only up here wasting their parent’s money. I am speaking for those of us who are here for a good reason: to get an education, to learn, study, and to graduate; for those of us who actually care about school and don’t mind working hard to succeed.

The problem we are faced with as students is that even though we are here to learn, we are often confronted with professors who don’t want to teach. I’m not complaining because the classes are too hard, but because the classes are too hard to learn on your own. If I wanted to teach myself, I would go to college through correspondence. We are being cheated and we suffer, while the professors still get paid.

In any other job, if you aren’t fulfilling your end of the bargain, you won’t have a job. Waitresses who get constant complaints aren’t waitresses for long, and if a doctor didn’t make people well, he would run out of patients rather quickly. The evaluation forms we fill out are good in theory, but what effect do they really have? The professor gets to keep on “teaching” (if that’s what it could be called) despite the fact that nothing but legitimate complaints come in.

Tenure was another brilliant idea in theory, but so many professors who have it abuse it, and know they have a very low chance of being fired and don’t seem to care or put any effort into what they do.

I hope you don’t get the wrong idea about my opinion of professors here. I have had some great ones. These are the ones that talk to you like a person and don’t get mad when you ask questions; instead they actually help you! These are the professors SHSU should be keeping around and commending, but most often they are go unrecognized.

It is really wonderful that the school is expanding and seeking out to get a larger student body, attempting to fix the parking problems and older buildings and build new ones. However, I think these problems are minute in comparison to the professor problem. I would rather have a good professor in a shabby building any day!

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