Booras helps students find their way through RTV program

From Shreveport to Sam Houston, radio-television assistant professor Tommy Booras has had a long career.

Booras, who came to SHSU in August 2001, teaches beginning script writing, media performance and remove video directing and production, also known as sports and special events.

During his career in broadcasting, Booras has worked at three television stations, KTBS and KTAL in Shreveport, and KRIV in Houston. Booras also worked for Moore Video Productions in Shreveport, and also served as a play-by-play and color announcer for the Shreveport Captains baseball team.

Booras received his Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from the University of Oklahoma and his Master of Arts in journalism from the University of Arkansas.

After he left graduate school, Booras served as the news director of a cable television station in Denton, near Dallas.

Prior to teaching at SHSU, Booras also taught at McNeese State and Nicholls State universities in Louisiana.

Booras said he began thinking about teaching college while he was working in Houston.

“It occurred to me that teaching was something I could eventually want to get into,” Booras said.

Booras learned of SHSU by working with and knowing people who had gone through the RTV department and who had good things to say about the department.

When it comes to teaching, Booras likes to present the information students need and also guide them in a direction.

“I think that students learn more when they take their own lead,” said Booras.

Booras used his own experience to recount his thought of how people learn.

“I think people usually learn better at their own pace, in which they get it right the first time or make a few mistakes along the way,” said Booras.

Booras began thinking of a career in broadcasting early in life, around the time he was 10 or 11 years old, and credits his father for being a major influence on him. He said his father and uncle ran a bar and restaurant supply business and when he found out that his son had no interest in the family business, he allowed him to do what he wanted.

“He let me go my own way,” said Booras.

In his spare time, Booras likes to do many things, including entertaining his two kids, traveling, watching sports on television and reading magazines.

Booras’ students have had many good things to say about him as well.

“He’s a great leader….knows what he’s talking about and expresses it in an entertaining way,” said sophomore Michael Coffin.

The biggest accomplishment Booras has had in his teaching career is finding out what happens to the students he has taught over the years and keeping up with those students.

“I still hear of students who have gotten jobs in media or people I try to help,” said Booras.

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