Urgent: regarding game behavior

I wanted to respond to the fan behavior at the basketball game Wednesday night. I don’t know if you will print it or not, but I feel that it is a point worth making. -Lauren E Petersen 436-9396

I would just like to know if it it absolutely neccesary for Bearkats to disrespect the other team simply for them walking out on the court. They worked equally as hard to get this far and they were already faced with playing a game in someone else’s territory. Maybe we should have instead shown them some Texas hospitality along with the Bearkat spirit. It doesn’t make SHSU look good when the majority of the crowd is booing the other team. Just something to think about for future games. We should instead focus on building our team up instead of tearing down the opposing team. While it was very encouraging to see such enthusiasm throughout the Colesium, it is important that we conduct ourselves with good sportsmanship conduct toward all players. Try to make SHSU well represented at sporting events and everywhere. That’s your next challenge!

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