debating article “eating less meat is healthy, enviromentally sound”

Dear Editor, Recently you ran an article that was entitled “Eating Less Meat Healthy, Ennviromentally Sound”. This article is very one sided, and unfactual. As an agriculture student here at Sam, I have strong objections to the referneces made that agricultural processes being wrong or bad. The horomones that are given to the livestock do not alter their natural life patterns, if anything they help them to lead a healthier life, and provide more nutrients to their young, and in their meat. Farmers and ranchers do not hurt, mistreat, or purposely brutalize their animals. They care about them, because that is their livelihood. They do everything to help keep them healthy, and happy. The author of this article also mentioned that only 165 pounds of beef can be produced on one acre. Obviously this person has never seen a cow, or one acre of land. A calf weighs over one thousand pounds at market weight. The facts presented in the article are wrong and pregidious. If we were to stop raising livestock, and using them in our lives, there would soon be a shortage of the ingredients for life saving medicines that people rely on everyday. Life, and the things that we use everyday would begin to disappear, because their would be no other way to obtain the materials needed to make them, therefore endangering everyones life. Also in not eating meat during your life, you loose nutrients, and are not fully able to use all of your bodily functions, because your body does not have the resources to do so. A woman who while pregnant does not eat meat puts the health of her baby at risk. Also in not eating meat, and discontinuing the production of livestock, thousands of people overseas would go hungry. We export millions of pounds of meat a year to underprivilged countries. The article is simply not true, and may have influenced people to act in an unhealthy way. If only the writer of this article, or other people with these views would spend a day in the shoes of these farmers, and ranchers, and see how hard they work all day, everyday they would see how they struggle just so others may eat. Hopefully, they would change their minds. Thank you,

Meat Eater

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