Letters to the Editor: Convenience does not burn calories

The other morning as I logged on to the computer in my Spanish lab, I noticed an odd message on the desktop. I can’t relay exactly what it said, but it contained the phrase “free shuttle service.” I rubbed my eyes and took another swig of coffee to make sure my sleep deprivation hadn’t hoodwinked me.

I looked again, and it was still there. My question is this: why do we need a shuttle service???

We live in an age of ultra convenience filled to the brim with on-line-drive-thru-thirty-minutes-or-less impatience served up with a supersize order of fries.

I realize the new construction has posed somewhat of a hassle for those willing to fight to the death for the gloriously revered close parking space.

Those spots held in such high regard are no longer there.

Those superstars of the asphalt that are keen and nimble in their parking abilities must now partake in the dreaded “w” word like the rest of us lowly pedestrians.

I know the majority of us are fat slobs that eat too much and drink too much and wouldn’t know hard work if it slapped us in our pasty, sun starved faces.

I know we would rather be at home playing PS2, or working on our butt-groove in the sofa waiting for reruns of “Charles in Charge” instead of having to walk to class.

We owe it to ourselves to get up off our duffs and do a little walking.

I walk to class everyday. I know I am afforded the luxury of living relatively close to campus, but that makes no difference. I guarantee my car is parked a lot further away from my classes than most.

Even when I didn’t live so close to campus, I refused to take part in the post 9 a.m. parking melee. I parked at the stadium and walked from there. It’s really not that far.

I was also wondering where this idea of “free” shuttle service came from. Nothing is free; I don’t care what anyone tells you. The first thing you learn in basic economics is that everything has a cost. What is the cost of this “free” shuttle service? Is there going to be a fee added on next semester? I’m not going to pay it. Is parking going to go up again?

What’s next? A shuttle service from building to building? Hot damn! We’d never have to walk again!

Don’t let the powers that be tell you that you need a free shuttle service. You know the Nazis had a free shuttle service.

All joking aside, I think it’s ridiculous that we have reverted to such laziness. A little inconvenience never hurt anyone. A little walking never hurt anyone for that matter.

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