Want to get away?

Do you want to go on a trip, but just do not know where to start? If so, you should check out the travel fair that Travel with Sam Houston will be hosting on Monday, April 12 in the Criminal Justice Center foyer from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

There will be PowerPoint presentations about seven upcoming trips. There will also be handouts available on the itineraries for the trips. Edwin Williams from TraveLearn will be speaking in the courtroom at 12:15 p.m. He will be speaking on the trip to China that will take place from June 1-12, 2004.

There will also be presentations on trips to the Grand Canyon from Aug. 1-4, Africa from Aug. 4-17, New England from Oct. 7-18, Ireland from Oct. 21-28, Hungary from Nov. 9-16 and Greece from May 17-30. For the trip to Greece, vacationers will be joining a SHSU study abroad tour.

Dr. Nicholas Pappas from the history department will be going along on the trip since he is doing a study of the history of the Olympics in Greece.

“The point of the travel fair is to get people excited about going to these places,” coordinator Grettle Payne said. Lunches, starting at $4, will be served in the CJ Caf.

The travel fair will give everyone the opportunity to meet with Travel with Sam Houston staff and travel partners. The travel partners include: TraveLearn, Advantage Travel, Fox Tours and Travel and Huntsville Travel. Each of the travel partners have at least one tour going in the fall.

The trips have exclusive, customized itineraries made by experienced travel partners. There will also be personal attention because the tours have an average size of 25 people.

Travel with Sam Houston is open to alumni and friends. You do not have to be Sam Houston alumni to travel. If you are not alumni, then you fall in the category of friends.

For more information, check out the Travel with Sam Houston Web site at http://www.shsu.edu/travel.

You can also call Grettle Payne at 294-4725 or e-mail her at travel@shsu.edu.

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