31 Gallons of Blood?

I would be grateful if you could explain your math in the Sept. 23rd article entitled, ” 31 Gallons of Blood.”

It is my understanding that a donor must wait a minimum of 56 days between whole blood donations. So in one year, a person can only donate whole blood up to 6 times, which is 6 pints of blood, or 3/4 of a gallon (8 pints equals one gallon).

Mr. Reed has donated blood for the past 18 years. If you times that by 6 pints (the max number of times he can donate a year), it equals 108 pints of blood-which is just over 13 gallons not 31 gallons.

An article about such a worthy cause needs to accurately reflect the information outlined on the American Red Cross website,http://www.redcross.org/donate/give/


Brittany Patterson

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