Area Talent Discovers Area 7

It seems that after years of searching, local record label Seven Figure Entertainment has finally stumbled across something quite rare. This fall Seven Figure will reveal “Area 7”; a double disc project that contains a sound unlike any you’ve heard before. Disc one is a 22 track cd entitled “The Rap Sessions”, and it is complimented by disc two which is a 22 track cd entitled “The R and B Files”. The project was executive produced by Huntsville, TX native Chris Spivey along with his team of artists, writers and producers (Napolean Cook, Marcus Thomas, Cornelius Fisher, Carlos Dillion, and Charles Kizzee). As Spivey looks back on “Area 7’s” predecessors, which include The Round Table, Boot Back to Texas, and The W.A.R., he seems most certain as he speaks out on the project, “This is bigger than even we realize!”Currently Area 7 can be purchased at Hastings here in Huntsville TX , where Seven Figure will also be appearing on October 28th 2005 from 4pm-6pm. They will be promoting their new project along with a show/party that will take place at the Walker County Fair Grounds later that night. “This particular show/party is very important to Seven Figure seeing as though it will help raise funds to assist the hurricane victims, and at the same time we get to entertain which is what we do best.” said Chris about the event. For further information on Seven Figure Entertainment and “Area 7″visit

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