Advising underway for spring semester

The Student Advising and Mentoring Center, SAM Center, is now offering academic advisement to students for spring 2006 classes.

Early registration for the spring semester will begin on Wednesday, Nov. 2 with students in the Honors program. Seniors will begin registering on Sunday, Nov. 6 at 1 p.m., juniors on the 7th, sophomores on the 8th and freshmen on the 9th.

Dr. Bill Fleming, Executive Director at SAM Center, suggested that all students should take advantage of this program in order to stay on track toward their degree plans.

“Advisors have the expertise to make suggestions about course selection and balancing a schedule,” said Fleming.

If students have questions about their degree plans and their progress toward graduation, academic advisers can review requirements and other matters. Although only department chairs or their representatives can make substitutions, advisers can suggest to students which courses to take.

“We know from experience that students may not be aware of certain requirements. They may also not be aware of how some courses can count for both the core curriculum and their majors and what courses can be substituted,” Fleming said.

Students can make appointments with a particular adviser or just walk in.

Although getting advised is not mandatory for students, all students are urged to be advised so they can be assured that they are taking the correct courses for their particular degree. Students who must be advised before they can register for the next semester include students with a GPA below 2.5, students who do not have an SHSU GPA such as new freshmen, transfers and those who have not completed all TSI requirements.

During the spring semester, advisers will also help students who plan on taking courses at community colleges or universities in the summer.

“Advising goes on all the time. Next semester, advising for the summer and fall will begin as soon as the spring semester classes begin,” added Fleming.

The SAM Center is located in Academic Building IV, Suite 210.

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