Alumna earns Career Services $1,500

to go part time to SHSU to obtain a biology teaching certificate and completed that in 1990,” said Frey.

When her kids started elementary school, Frey decided to go back to full-time teaching but resigned again in 2003 to be at home when her kids would return from school.

“I thought it would be a great time to return to school to pursue a Masters in Agricultural Science with an emphasis in horticulture,” said Frey.

“I have always enjoyed gardening and have past endeavors with gardening and landscape, [and] it is a great way to admire God’s creations,” said Frey.

According to Frey, after she receives her masters, she wants to explore her options. She said she would like to either return to the classroom in high schools teaching Horticulture related classes or as a college lecturer, joining or starting up a horticulture enterprise or working with the County Extension Agent.

Frey said, “There have been many opportunities that have come and gone my way, [and] I have been blessed to seize some of them and miss others.”

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