Viva Huntsvegas’ Homecoming in review

Last week, students had the opportunity to participate in a series of events during Homecoming Week 2005. The events began on Monday and lead up to the game on Saturday.

Last Monday, the festivities began with the Homecoming Kickoff Rally on Monday where organizations showed off their banners displaying their school spirit.

Student organizations had opportunities to earn points throughout the course of the week, with the goal of earning enough points by participating in Homecoming activities to win a cash prize for their respected organization.

Coming in first place was the BSA (Black Student Alliance), second was IHA (International Hispanic Organization) and coming in third was Ag Council.

Monday night, students got a taste of “Las Vegas,” during Casino Night. High rollers, poker studs and slot machine addicts earned winnings and cashed in at the end of the night for raffle tickets. Students traded in their “Huntsvegas” money for a chance to win gift packs and prizes.

“I didn’t have the opportunity to go to a lot of the events on campus because I either had class, or I was working,” said junior Alisha Moore. She added “I did go to the parade and participated in the Sam Jam Carnival right after the parade.”

The parade took place down Sam Houston Avenue and was followed by the Sam Jam Carnival in the Bowers Stadium parking lot.

Several organizations participated in the parade with about 30 floats in total. Renditions of the Vegas strip were emulated on some Homecoming floats and singing Elvis’ was a recurring theme.

Sam Jam gave students a chance to escape the stresses of class and homework, ride different rides and play games.

“I had a good time this year during Homecoming week, especially, because this is my last year, and it made it that much more memorable,” said senior Natalie Rendon.

Saturday’s festivities began with the tailgate party at noon.

“I enjoyed myself at the tailgate party,” said senior Danielle West. “I thought it was nice how so many students were showing off their school spirit by wearing the schools colors, painting their faces and I thought the orange wigs were hilarious,” she added.

Students had the opportunity to enjoy themselves, eat some barbecue and socialize before the kickoff to the Homecoming game against No. 25 ranked Northwestern State University.

The Bearkats, as well as the Demons, struggled during the first half where the Bearkats put up only three points before half time. The 48 yard field goal from kicker Lance Garner gave SHSU a 3-0 lead before half time.

During half time, the winners for this year’s Homecoming King and Queen were selected. Chris Pedison was named Homecoming King, and Jenna Zibton won the honors of Homecoming Queen.

In the second half, the Demons put up 10 points in the third quarter and only allowed a 52 yard field goal from Garner in the third, causing the Bearkats to come up short in the 6-10 grudge match loss.

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