Orange Keys’ serve as university ambassadors, help at SHSU events

The Orange Keys are the official ambassadors of Sam Houston State University and represent the student body.

As official ambassadors of the university, Orange Keys help at functions such as Board of Regents visits, university president’s functions, career fairs and events such as homecoming.

The Orange Keys also serve at alumni events.

Lindsay Collier, senior journalism public relations major, said that alumni events are interesting because many older alumni attend. Collier said at one particular alumni event, “there was this 90 year old woman who was at Sam Houston State University when it used to be a teachers college, and she was still very passionate about the university. It was just nice to see.”

Collier also said that being an Orange Key has given her, “the opportunity to interact and socialize with university administrative people that usually I wouldn’t get to know.”

The Orange Keys speak with guests at events such as university president banquets and answer their questions.

Each applicant is put through an application process in which they must answer questions about the university.

“The interview process is challenging,” said Orange Keys president Shannon Stuckey. She said that you have to be “very qualified and knowledgeable of campus.”

Stuckey said in the interview, the deans expect you to be very familiar with the university and may even be asked the Sam Houston State University fight song.

Collier said that her interview was very hard because there were six deans interviewing her, and it could be intimidating.

Only 15 students are allowed to be Orange Keys members. And only when an Orange Key graduates will a position be open.

Assistant Dean of Students Mary Ellen Sims is responsible for the Orange Keys.

She said that 15 students are able to perform Orange Keys duties effectively. Sims also said that another reason that only 15 students are chosen is because it shows that, “it is an exclusive group and that is hard to get in to.”

Admission into the group is open to both full-time undergraduate and graduate students. Other qualifications include a 3.0 GPA, sophomore standing and the involvement in at least two other campus organizations.

Also, if a student is selected to be an Orange Key, then they have to be able to serve for at least two semesters.

The Orange Keys is a scholarship program. Each member receives a $500 per semester scholarship. Orange Keys usually devote one to six hours a week on events.

The Orange Keys meet the first Sunday of each month to schedule events. Stuckey said that meetings are fun. Also, each semester, the members of Orange Keys go on a retreat to meet new members.

The Orange Keys currently have four boys and 11 girls. Stuckey said that she expects three or four Orange Keys to graduate in Dec.

For more information about the Orange Keys, please contact Assistant Dean of Students, Mary Ellen Sims at 294-3026.

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