What’s up with LSC credit card machines?

Does it always seem the car wash sucks down way more money than it’s worth? Do you find yourself kicking the snack machine when your candy gets stuck? Are you fed up with the credit card machines in South Paw and the LSC always being out of order? Join the club.

It’s called “technology is not as worth while as we think it is.” For the numerous students that wait in line for eternity only to hear the words, “sorry the credit card machine is broken, I can only take cash,” technology seems like it is not all that it’s cracked up to be.There are two reasons for such a failure.

Number one, technology is sometimes faulty.There are days when technology is just a stumbling block. When the computer shuts down for the third time in the middle of typing out an assignment, it would be faster to chisel out the assignment on stone tablets.When the car wash sucks down $10 when it was only supposed to take $3.50, it would have been cheaper to wash the car in Evian.These are the times when technology seems like a stupid idea and life would be much easier if we rode ponies and sent letters through the postal service.

Number two, it’s possible that the folks running the show are slacking.It’s possible that when technology is acting a fool, the person behind the machine just pushed the wrong button.Often times, it’s just accidental that the person running a great piece of machinery fowls things up.Maybe that individual was taking a break and reached to answer the phone causing their grape slushy to soak the equipment. Accidents happen.

Although technology can be a pain, we still are very much dependent and ultimately appreciative for the comfort it bestows.Next time you are in line in the LSC and notified that the credit card machine is broken, raise your paper cup and sing along with Kip, beloved brother of Napoleon Dynamite, “still I love technology.”

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