Hurricane Katrina volunteers

What a wonderful job the university did in providing aid for thousands of people during the Katrina evacuation. I read in the Houstonian of the appreciation dinner held for the SHSU faculty, staff and students who volunteered at the various campus shelters. However, there were many SHSU students who were not recognized by the university for their efforts during the crisis.

The Walker Co. Fair Grounds was made into a temporary animal shelter for the pets of evacuees in the many shelters around the city. There were over a dozen university students who arrived at the shelter every day to care for and clean up after the hundreds of animals. Several of these students spent nights at the shelter to aid the many evacuees who showed up at all hours. In addition to the students, faculty member Bobby Lane and his daughter were ever present with mops and brooms.

Thank you to all the SHSU students and staff who for over a week came to the aid of helpless and frighened animals. Sandra E. RogersCollections RegistrarSam Houston Museum

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