Students play free laser tag in LSC

In order to alleviate mid-semester stress, many students turned to the T john E laser tag event. On Oct. 17, students reveled in playing game after game of free laser tag in the LSC ballroom from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The ballroom was remodeled with four to five blacklights, two strobelights, four booming speakers booming heavy metal and techno and a fog machine. The environment was pure cutthroat laser war.

“I feel like I’m in Mission Impossible,” freshman Tiffany Jackson, mass communications major said. “I think it’s really awesome. There’s a lot of exercise.”

The event was commissioned by T john E Productions, an entertainment planner geared towards school and college events.

The events include oxygen bars, hypnotist shows, psychics, murder mysteries and dance parties.

“We travel around and do this exclusively for college campuses,” T john E technical engineer Justin Cooper said. “The school pays for the show and we come out and set everything up.”

The games consisted of two teams of eight people pitted against each other for five minutes to compete for the highest score by racking up the most “kills.”

“They just strap you up and say ‘Go have fun kids, run and be free.'” Jackson said. “The first two times I played I was the high score.”

The overall response was incredibly positive.

“They should have a laser tag club instead of a dance club here,” sophomore Amber Sutton, accounting major, said.

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