Sam-Info line disconnected

Prior to registration on Nov. 2 for the spring semester, Sam Houston State University Telephone Services has decided to disconnect the Sam-Info telephone line (936.294.3900) due to high expenses and lack of use.

Mark C. Adams, Associate Director of Computer Services, said that the SHSU Telephone Service tried to maintain both the telephone line and the internet for students to register and look up their grades. However, using the phone line created several problems and inconveniences; many students got confused while on the phone, the line was often busy, the system was old and lower utilization.

Adams also mentioned that other bigger universities like Texas A&M and the University of Texas at Austin had similar services but they have also recently disconnected the service.

Students are able to search and register for spring classes through the SHSU web site. For more information and assistance, call at 936.294.1111.

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