Thieves take TVs from Fat Boys

When Fat Boys owner Mike Haralson arrived at his restaurant at 8:15 Monday morning, he expected to just unlock the door. What he found in its place, though, were remnants of shattered glass from a brick hurled through it earlier. Inside, chairs laid strewn on the floor. Two flat screen TVs and other materials were now in the hands of thieves.

Opening less than two months ago on Sam Houston Avenue next to Humphreys, Fat Boys was robbed sometime late Sunday night or early Monday morning. Stolen items included several possessions and two $1,750 televisions. Co-owner Laurie Haralson was hurt to find that her business was already burglarized.

“We had hoped to make a nice place for people to come eat and enjoy themselves,” said Laurie. “We’re just disappointed that this kind of stuff happens.”

Mike said that the police had searched the local pawn shops but found nothing related to the crime. Police also informed Mike that finding fingerprints is not as easy as CSI makes it out to be. When it comes to restaurants, fingerprints can be everywhere.

“So many people touch things here,” Mike said. “It’s just really hard for police to find a fingerprint in the mix.”

Upon police suggestion, Mike and Laurie have decided to install a video surveillance system in Fat Boys.

Fat Boys opened on Sept. 12 as a hot dog and hot wing establishment. The two owners opened the business to give Mike a place to work that was closer than Houston. Laurie explained that their six children loved hot dogs and her husband was a fan of hot wings, so they just put the two together.

The Fat Boys owners have asked for any information that would lead to the arrest and conviction of the people involved to be relayed to the Huntsville Police Department. Reward information is also available with the HPD.

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