Simpson album disappointing

In 2004 from behind the shadows of Jessica Simpson emerged Ashlee Simpson and her debut album ‘Autobiography.’ The airwaves were never the same again. The billboard charts were bombarded with singles, and eventually the album peaked at no.1 on the Billboard 200. The only issue was is that Ashlee was not prepared for the responsibilities of superstardom and crumbled before her fans during live performances. The Gods of Musical Temperance were kind to her and have granted her a second run.

Ashlee’s sophomore release is entitled ‘I Am Me,’ and she wants you to know exactly who she is. The songs are individual in that the tracks are direct in subject matter, such as a song about boyfriends, entitled ‘Boyfriend.’ The album has the usual set up with a mix of hard rocking tunes, and a couple of eerie ballads, but the quality has diminished incredibly. ‘Me’ holds no essence of the catchy and well-written tunes like ‘Pieces of Me’ that made Ashlee famous. The vocals are reminiscent of Courtney Love, or better yet, a young man being choked to death as he pleads for attention. The biggest trouble lies in the fact that ‘Me’ is 11 tracks of confusion that leads you to believe that Ashlee doesn’t even know who she is.

Ashlee has managed to evaporate any credibility obtained by ‘Autobiography’ into a cloud of utter musical turmoil. The bottom line is that ‘Me’ is not as good as her first album and only delivers devastating blows to her already battered reputation. The album was given the wrong title, and should be called ‘Who am I?’ instead.

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