SAM Center presents on grad school

Last night a small room inside the SAM Center was overflowing with students eager to learn more about graduate school.

The graduate school information meeting was presented by graduate assistant Gerri Johnson. The meeting featured information on academic requirements, financial aid and included a graduate school timeline.

Dr. Mitchell Muehsam, dean of graduate studies, spoke about his experiences in graduate school. He said, “Graduate school is about learning to ask questions and learning to take criticism.”

Muehsam also talked about the different application processes for graduate school. “Each school is different, that is why you need to do your homework and learn about the school,” he said.

Graduate school requirements include an application, which usually comes with a fee any where from $20 – $150, depending on the school. Official transcripts from all schools attended are also required.

Next you should find out if the school you are applying to requires an entrance examine such as the GRE or the GMAT. If so, you should try and register for the earliest test possible, incase you need to retake it.

SHSU provides GRE and GMAT prep classes. To reserve your place in a class contact Margaret Ferguson at 294-4628. For those applying for a M.F.A, you will need to get a portfolio organized.

Another frequent requirement for graduate school is a personal statement.

The statement should relay that you are intelligent, literate and have interests that correlate with the program you are applying to. You should discuss your interests in the field, your goals and ambitions. Be sure to get your statement proof read by more than one person.

Letters of recommendation are also mandatory for graduate school. Choose professors that are in your department and know you well. Once a professor has agreed to write the letter of recommendation you should

put together a folder with your transcript and a list of activities you have been involved in. Also provide the professor with a stamped envelope that is already addressed to the school. That way, the professor only has to worry about sending it out on time.

Sharon Wright also attended the meeting and discussed financial aid for graduate schools. Once accepted in the school, you can apply for aid through FASFA. The process is similar to the undergraduate process, but

graduate students are able to receive more money. Another financial aid option is applying for an assistantship from the graduate school.

The graduate school time line handout discusses when and what you should be doing to get ready for graduate school. Starting with your sophomore or junior year, you should be maintaining a decent GPA and looking in to schools that appeal to your needs.

By the end of your junior year you should have the schools narrowed down to about 10. It is also a good idea to talk to graduate students about the program and begin studying for the entrance examines such as the GRE.

By your senior year, you should be getting all your academic requirements ready to send off.

For more information on graduate school contact the office of graduate studies at

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