Family court injustice: Single men don’t have a clue

When I was in college, I planned my life such that I would marry at the right age and when already financially stable. I had no clue, as many men would later find out, that the divorce rate was, and is, so high that chances are one’s marriage will end in divorce.

As if that is not bad enough, wait until you go to divorce or family court: in 80% of cases, fathers lose custody of their children, lose their homes, vehicles, other valuables. Dads are reduced to mere wallets and visitors to their children despite no evidence, not even an allegation, of unfitness as a parent. Child support orders are not even based on any economically sound guidelines. In fact, the state of Georgia is now in the process of revamping its guidelines. Other states should follow its lead.

Why am I writing this to a college paper? To reach your male audience and inform them of what lies ahead and make informed decision, and to reach your female readers and inform them that it is an injustice not so much to the ex-husband but to the child/ren if you ask a judge to reduce your to-be-ex-husband to a mere visitor to your children.

Lastly, I’d like to enjoin SHSU students, especially the leaderships of your student organizations, to come stand with me infront of the Walker County courthouse, at the corner of 11th Street and Sam Houston Avenue, and demonstrate against fatherlessness which is being perpetrated by family court judges. As Judge Judy of the television show of the same name says: “Judges are not enforcing these gender (divorce) laws fairly, and few seem to care. We will see more of these problems until fathers organize to demand fairer treatment.”

Your involvement today can mean justice for you and your children tomorrow.

Sincerely,Mark Bitara, DVM, MA, MSPT3004 Pebble CourtHuntsville, TX 77340Tel:

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