Mass-Comm students frustrated with registration problems

Each year students have various problems registering, whether it be being blocked because of some unpaid fine or finding out that three out of the five classes you were going to take are already full.

For journalism and radio and television students, this year’s dilemma involved not being able to register because of a prerequisite misunderstanding.

Journalism and RTV classes were recently combined into one broad mass communications area. Now those classes are classified as Mass Communication or MCM. When students went to register they were blocked because the program wasn’t recognizing the prerequisites needed for some classes. The prerequisites are still classified as JRN and RTV and the program wasn’t distinguishing them as MCM classes.

Students who were facing this problem had to fill out slips paper with their prerequisite class number and section. Plus, students had to hunt down their professor for a signature. Once the signature was obtained, students had to stand in a line that was hanging out the door of the Mass Communication office. Students waited in the hallway to get their prerequisites lifted, so that they could be cleared for registration.

Senior Luke Welch, a journalism minor, said, “Shouldn’t they have expected this? I feel like I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off.”

The seniors that registered Sunday night were especially concerned about why they couldn’t get into classes they needed.

One RTV professor said that the prerequisites had been put into the computer back in Sept., and he didn’t understand why they were not being recognized.

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