University sends happy birthday wishes to students turning 21

Sam Houston State University is helping students celebrate their 21st birthday with a birthday card that includes warnings about the dangers of drinking.

The warnings are sent to students to remind them of the tragedies that occur when making careless decisions about drinking. The cards also include information about alcohol poisoning and has the names and numbers of local cab companies in Huntsville and surrounding areas.

Also included in the card is a story about an alcohol-related tragedy that occurred to former Sam student Michael Wagener who died from alcohol poisoning. His parents, Susan and Brodie Wagener, are helping prevent similar alcohol related deaths by speaking to Sam students and at other campuses in the area.

Many campus organizations and groups like Sam C.A.R.E.S, Student Services, Parents Association, Alcohol Abuse Initiative and the Office of the President came up the idea.

Rosanne Schrieber Keathley, assistant professor of HKC and Coordinator of Alcohol Abuse Initiative, said that many people have many misconceptions on alcohol poisoning and don’t know what to do in the emergency.

Sophomore criminal justice major, Spencer Duvall, who turns 21 next month, likes the idea of the university sending out cards like this, but at the same time, it makes him feel that the university thinks that all people who turn 21 want to drink.

“It’s good to see the school cares for the students, but it is sad because they assume that all people who turn 21 drink. There are other things that we like to do like shooting bow-and-arrows while hanging out with friends.”

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