A party with sales is not a party at all

Girls grow up going to home-based business parties with their moms. As a child, it’s exciting to go to a neighbors house, eat little sandwiches and try on jewelry or have some lady give you a makeover.As a grown-up, especially as a college-student, the invitations to home-parties become overwhelming.Those invitations flash with the words money and uncomfortable small talk.

What would seem to be an enough get-together turns uncomfortable when the host brings out brochures and samples. I’ve heard of numerous occasions when friends are invited to dinner when the underlying purpose is a product presentation over appetizers.This is not only awkward.It’s just not nice.

What would seem worse is when a friend invites you to a party and asks you to pay to come along so you can then be bombarded by high-pressure make-up or scrapbook supply sales.Of course this does cover the cost of the samples used at the party.The tearjerker is when the order is placed, small as it is, the salesperson says, “is that all you’re going to buy?”

It’s unfortunate when a new friend invites you to a party promoting their home-based business, sells you their product and the last time you see them is when the product is delivered. It’s clear that there was never a warm-fuzzy friendship established. The unfortunate reality is that there are individuals that use relationships simply to sell their products or get free stuff for hosting a party.

Although there are numerous positives related with home-based businesses, we can all learn lessons about the balance of business and friendship.For the sales-person, it’s important to remember that relationships are always valued over the sale of a product.For the person attending the party, it’s okay to say “no thank you.” This balance will keep friendships alive and avoid uncomfortable situations.

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