No quality filmmaking through’The Fog’

Why waste time trying to cover the truth? ‘The Fog’ was a huge disappointment. I had read some of the reviews, but I just kept telling myself that it could not be that bad. Well, I think I am starting to agree with overall impression for this film, but you may not agree with my opinion. One thing that was not surprising was the fact that this film is yet another remake.

In a small town of Antonio Bay, a thick fog rolls in. At first it does not seem like much, but once it starts killing people, they take note of it. The first deaths are out on Nick Castle’s (Tom Welling) boat, Seagrass. Amazingly, Brett Spooner (DeRay Davis), Nick’s friend, survives the fog that overtakes the boat out in the middle of the water. The police are now blaming him for the deaths of the others. However, Nick and his ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Williams (Maggie Grace), are there to prove his innocence.

Slowly but surely this mysterious fog is killing off Antonio Bay residents left and right. Nick and Elizabeth are trying to figure out exactly what is going on, but these revenge seeking, leper ghosts are making that quit difficult.

Honestly, I am lost for words with this film. ‘The Fog’ was unbelievably cheesy and lacked a plot. When the twist came at the end, you were left staring at the screen asking, “That was it?” Yes, there were several different circumstances that led up to its conclusion, but it lacked continuity. Also, none of the characters seemed to fit together.

On top of all of this, there were things in ‘The Fog’ that just are not possible, like a perfectly readable book that is over a hundred years old. That is not the kicker though. It’s where Elizabeth found it that makes no sense; she found it inside of a wall nearly submerged in water. Don’t you think that the writing would have been smeared or something?

Another example is Nick’s truck. The Fog blows out all of his windows in his truck. When the next day rolls around, his windows are all perfectly back in place.

I am going to quit trying to understand this film. There were a few intense moments, but they were all played off by comic relief or something of the sort. I will leave it up to you to decide to see this film, but I don’t really recommend it. You might want to wait until it comes out and rent it.

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