Students express views on Proposition 2

Election day brought about voters and protestors at the Walker County courthouse. Proposition 2 was one of the most controversial of all the amendments being voted on, and some Sam Houston students have strong feelings about Proposition 2 and expressed their views on Tuesday afternoon.

Standing on the corner of Sam Houston Avenue and 11th Street, seven college students expressed their right to freedom of speech to everyone who drove by between 4-7 p.m. Tuesday.

Junior Heather Thorton, president of the SHSU Democratic organization, said she was out there protesting for equal rights for everyone.

“I have lots of friends and family who are gay, and I want them to have the same rights as I do,” said Thorton.

However, Proposition 2 does not just affect the gay community; it also affects civil unions and common law marriages. The organization Stonewall Kats’ treasurer, junior Angela Varner, held a sign which said: “We are straight, just say NO.” She said this amendment is not just about gay marriage.

“The wording of this amendment is bad. It’s a lot deeper than people are making it out to be,” said Varner.

Each student standing on that corner had a reason for being out there.

“I’m doing this because all families should be treated equal no matter if it is a common law, civil union or gay couple,” said senior Amanda Hill.

Junior Josh Ellis seemed to have a deeper point of view about Proposition 2.

“I think discrimination should never be apart of the constitution,” said Ellis. Junior Jessica Wysocki agreed. “The government should not have the right to tell someone who they can and can’t marry,” said Wysocki.

The amendment was overwhelmingly approved by voters on Tuesday.

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