Adopt-A-Heart discusses lung cancer at conference

Adopt-A-Heart held a lung cancer awareness conference Tuesday to inform and promote healthier habits for students.

Cancer is a health problem that affects 1.3 million people every year and is responsible for about 550,500 deaths a year. 170,000 of those deaths are tobacco related.

“The lung cancer awareness program was held to educate about the facts and health risks of smoking and to promote the Great American Smoke out,” said Vice President Dana Baylous.

The Great American Smoke out is an annual tradition from the American Cancer Society since 1977 that dedicates the third Thursday of Nov. to help people quit smoking for at least one day in hopes they will quit forever.

“The GASO is for people who have wanted to quit smoking, and it gives them a day to officially put down the cigarettes and possibly start a healthier lifestyle,” said Baylous.

To enroll in a “quit smoking program,” call 1-800-YES Quit (1-800-937-7848).

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