Approaching the end of a journey

Anxious seniors made their way through the LSC ballroom on Wednesday Nov. 16 to participate in “Destination Graduation!” The program, put on by the Registrar’s Office for all seniors, provides a multitude of services geared towards near-future graduates.

“We like to use the phrase ‘One stop shop,'” senior Josh Adams, Registrar’s Office intern and advertising major said. “It relieves the pressure for our graduates who don’t know what to do for commencement. We have various organizations here to help students figure out if students want to go to graduate school. The Writing Center is here to help them write up a resume, and alumni and the bookstore are available to help if they need to order rings or caps and gowns.”

In addition to providing plentiful amounts of information, the event was full of giveaways. Every student was given a raffle ticket and if their number was called, they had a chance to have a treasure hunt through a treasure chest for prizes. Prizes included $250 gift certificates, free golf at Raven’s Nest Golf Course, pizza from Papa John’s, a diploma frame from the Registrar’s Office, free tans from Sun Spa and Salon and a jellybean jar. King’s Candies and Quizno’s donated a free lunch for the event. A contest was held for best decorated table for the various organizations present, and the winner received a prize donated by Ward Furniture. The festivities helped ease the anxiety of pre-graduation for students.

“I’m going to miss all of my friends, and now I’m just starting to care about where I’m going to work and how hard I’m going to work,” senior Rosario Serrano, fashion merchandising major said. “I get worried about whether I’ll lose my job or not.”

Many students were simply excited to be finished with school.

“My favorite memory is going to be graduation day, too bad I haven’t had it yet,” senior Chris Murray, general business major said. “I’m ready to go to work and make some real money. I don’t want to be broke anymore.”

Though some students aren’t too sure of what their plans are post-graduation. Some have something lined up.

“Thank god graduation is here just in time,” senior Bekah Harris, theatre major said. “I’ve got positions lined up in Houston, Huntsville and even the Royal Caribbean cruise line. The outlook is definitely good.”

Overall, the event proved to be helpful to many befuddled seniors.

“I think it’s a growing program,” Adams said. “Each semester we see more and more students attending. We think that students didn’t come [in the past] because they’re unaware. This is the first time, by 1 p.m., our food is gone.”

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