Frigid weather for turkey day?

Even after living in this great state for over 18 years, it’s still a cold, wet slap in the face when the first real cold front blows through. That is, if one ever shows up.

Luckily this year, Heaven smiled upon us and has given us cold air from the north. We’re actually going to have a winter this year, even if it is of the only slightly chilly Texas kind.

Just when we thought it would be another Thanksgiving spent in shorts, Texas’ infamous weather changed her mind yet again and sent us into some real holiday temperatures. For anyone who has lived in the south for any amount of time, hot and humid holidays are a common occurance. But thankfully, this season will not be one of those less festive years.

During those unfortunate Thanksgivings when we’re forced to endure extremely warm temperatures, tensions can run high and moods can get very low. Who actually enjoys sweating in front of the TV watching those New Englanders all cozy in their fur coats enjoying the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as it winds through the cold, winter New York weather? How fun is it eating hot, steamy Thanksgiving dinner in hot, steamy weather? Just seeing the football fans bundled up in their team’s logo on a clear winter day while we are forced to leave cooling fans all over our homes is enough to make even the most prideful southerner migrate north.

When one thinks of the holidays, cold weather is one of the first things to come to mind. Nice little pictures of families eating Thanksgiving turkey while it snows outside or stockings hanging by a crackling fire never fail to elicit festive feelings. It’s obvious snow for us is a little far fetched, but is it too much to ask for some weather cold enough to warrant starting up the fireplace and bringing out some hot cocoa?

While Texas is undeniably the best state in the Union, if God suddenly chose to actually give us festive weather every year for the holidays, I don’t think anyone would be complaining.

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