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Dear Steven Matthews,

You’re right. Huntsville is bland. There are few bars, the Mexican food is plentiful and occasionally, the cavemen do come out to watch movies in the prehistoric air of Cinema 10. The solution? Simple. Pick yourself up by the Levis and head the 50 miles west for an extended visit with your “wild stepsister” College Station. Better yet, make your stay permanent. You can drink to your liver’s content, spend your nights searching for the cuisine choices you so desperately desire and “chill out” while watching the latest Hollywood has to offer. Just remember–don’t let the door to one of the many Mexican restaurants hit you in the backside on the way out of town. And check your review mirror while leaving. The “bland” residents of Huntsville will all gather and gladly wave adios as you vacate the city, all the while wondering just how life will go on in their lovely community without you. You might even see a tear or two. So maybe Huntsville’s a ghost town on the weekends. That’s okay Steven. The hometown residents can live with that. Instead, why don’t you make like an unseen spirit…and just vanish?

Randy Cunningham

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