Revenge is a dish best served cold

Students gathered by the dozens yesterday afternoon in the LSC mall area to throw pies in fellow students’ and professors’ faces.

The Program Council sponsored “Pie a Prof” to help students have fun and relax before finals. The council provided free pizza, cookies and drinks to anyone who walked by.

Four professors agreed to help Program Council out and allow students to pie them. Judge David Gaines was among the chosen professors. Gaines said that one of his students talked him into participating.

“It is stupidity that made me do this, but it is all in good fun. It won’t hurt anything,” Gaines said.

Dr. Lora Dollar from the management/marketing department, Dr. Roger Hanagriff of agricultural sciences and Mr. Mark Tuttle from the department of economics and international business also volunteered to be pied.

Each pie tin was filled with Reddi-wip cream and flung at the contestants. Students also had the opportunity to have pies thrown at them. The first student to have pies fly her was Haley Shivers. After a few hits she won an iPod shuffle.

“It was worth a pie for an iPod shuffle,” Shivers said.

A total of three iPod shuffles were given away. Other prizes that were given to students included two digital cameras, one portable DVD player and four final survival packs. These survival packs contained school supplies, cereal, drinks and other snacks, plus the backpack, of course.

To win these prizes, students volunteered to have a pie in the face or if they hit a professor in the face with a pie then their names got put in a raffle.

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