Acoustically in-syn’ band plays at local open mic night

Though it’s not Sixth Street in Austin, many music-loving students gathered at Kaldi’s, Huntsville’s 17th Street coffee shop, on Tuesday night. The caffeine-brewing watering hole hosts an “open mic night” each Tuesday where local talent can sing and strum their favorite covers and one-off originals.

One such nomadic group that wandered in was the dueling guitar musical group The Rhythm Section. They started their set by playing a piece which highlighted the duality in their synced playing.

SHSU alumnus Dee King and current Sam student Winfield Williams, continued their set with ‘Dreams,’ which featured the vocalings of King. They finished off their short set with ‘City by the Sea,’ after King told the audience the story which was revealed in the song.

“Oh and we’ll be waiting for you. Hearing of the things that you go through, and you’ll return, you’ll see. You’ll return to us and the City by the Sea,” King sang.

The Rhythm Section has been playing together since 2003, when King and Williams joined with fellow SHSU alumnus and percussionist, Brian Hysinger.

They will be playing at ‘Revolution’ in Bryan on Thursday, Dec. 8 at 10 p.m. You can download their songs or find their show schedule at their website, or from their myspace profile,

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