Less ‘Fun with Dick and Jane’ than expected

In the past couple of months, I had seen quite a few previews for ‘Fun with Dick and Jane.’ And every time that I saw them, I would tell myself that I had to go and see this film. Whenever it came out, I went as soon as possible to the theater. Well, I must say that I was disappointed with the end result.

Dick Harper (Jim Carrey) has a good job, and he finds out that he has been promoted. Now a vice president for a major corporation, his wife Jane (Tea Leoni) keenly leaves her job to spend more time with her son at home. Everything is going perfect, maybe too perfect.

It’s not long before Dick realizes the top executives are stealing all of the money. To pretty much sum up the events afterwards, all of the employees get laid off and everyone is now fighting for any available job. Inevitably, all of their funds are soon depleted because no one can find a job, including Dick.

In order to provide for his family, Dick grabs his son’s water gun and heads down to the corner store. He intends to rob the place, but things don’t go over so well. With Jane in the get away car, Dick runs outside and jumps in. Although their first robbery is not very successful, they try once again. Surprisingly, they both get pretty good at being thieves.

Overall, this film was decent. I thought that there would be more funny scenes though. There were several serious parts that I was not expecting. However, the scenes that were amusing were really good. I have to mention the elevator scene that was on most of the previews. This was one of my favorites, and Jim Carrey was incredibly funny.

One aspect of this film that I didn’t like were the morals that it supported: all of the robbery and theft was acceptable. Dick and Jane never have to repay for what they stole. It’s as if their actions were completely just.

‘Fun with Dick and Jane’ also played a lot off of satire and political statements. It was kind of like an Enron story all over again. I think that these topics were too involved with the overall theme of the movie. It would have been much better if they would have focused on humor instead of being so serious.

I would recommend that you wait to rent the movie. This film was enjoyable, but it definitely was not as good as I expected it to be.

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