SGA Freedom Fighters

In case you were wondering, the Student Government Association is still here. You probably have not heard much about us lately, and there are reasons for that. For one, our public relations chair was a no show, but she’s fired now. Our secretary didn’t put out much either, but he’s been replaced now too. Our committee chairs still don’t have actual committee members, but they’re still chugging along. Our external affairs chair, Ray Martin, is currently working on getting the city of Huntsville to adopt a shuttle system; lots of events are being planned. And yes, in case you were wondering, we’re not happy with the fees going up either.

However, the real reason why you haven’t heard as much about us this year is because of the utter lack of fighters. Now, I know people complain that there is too much fighting in SGA. To some, fighting seems like a very bad thing. However, I tend to disagree. You need fighters. Fighters like Vice President Cory Garcia. You remember Adams House, right? They kicked students out last semester for office space. Adams House came to SGA in hopes of trying to stop it. We were told by our advisers that it wasn’t worth fighting for, that we were wasting our time. But Cory is the stubborn type who fought it anyway, and I’m kinda proud to have joined him. He wasn’t alone however, the whole house fought. Fighters, every one of them. Yes, Adams House might not be housing students now, but those voices were heard regardless.

Fighters are a good thing. I’ll fight you right now! Let me go grab my light saber! We need more of them. We need people in the Senate who are willing to fight for students no matter what the issue. People were annoyed that we passed a bill entitled, “30 Year Anniversary of the 5-Year Temporary Arts Buildings.” Yes, I’ll admit that was a bit over the top, and perhaps not the most politically correct thing to do, but that’s not the point. Students wanted it to be said, and we made sure it was heard. That’s what we’re here for.

Are you pissed off? Do you have the urge to kill when you look at your fee statement? Do you want to hack off limbs whenever you try to find a parking spot? Then join the “Army of Darkness” and become an active senator, one that will fight for students. Questions or concerns? E-mail me at

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