Failed ‘Scientists’ experiment

Question: What do you get when you mix scientists, cats and music?

Answer: The band We Are Scientists.

As we all know, first impressions are important, especially for covers for any type of media. Seeing three weird looking cats and three equally weird guys did not necessarily make me want to pop in the CD and listen along. However, I decided to follow the saying “don’t judge a CD by its cover.”

We Are Scientists’ debut full-length album, “With Love and Squalor,” was 12 songs too long. This 37-minute album is the shortest one I have ever seen. I am not complaining by any means though. Hearing track number 12 was sort of a relief.

Each track, unfortunately, sounded all too similar to the previous one. With the exception of a couple of songs, the entire album just ran together. You keep wondering when the song will end, so you look to see what track you are on. Low and behold, you are already two songs down the road.

We Are Scientists basically have a sound of The Killers and Queens of the Stone Age mixed. That actually does not sound like that bad of a mix, but this band just could not pull it off. It is actually a big disappointment because they have the potential to be much better than they are. I hate to see talent wasted, so hopefully they will mature with time and give their music a more unique sound.

Here is my suggestion for you though. Explore their music and see if you like it for yourself. Everyone has a different taste in music and obviously someone likes We Are Scientists.

Even though their music does not appeal to me, just know that it is not unbearable. You may love this band or feel the same way about it as I do.

I would not suggest going out and buying their CD, but there is an alternative option. Just like most bands today, We Are Scientists is on MySpace. Their best songs are on there, so you will not have wade through all of their songs to find something decent. Plus, you cannot beat the fact that it is free. Maybe you will have better luck with this band than I did.

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