ABC’s ‘Crumby’ new comedy

He starred as Kevin Arnold in the hit TV series “The Wonder Years” for over six years, but now Fred Savage is making his mark as Mitch Crumb in ABC’s newest drama about a dysfunctional family – it’s enough to drive anyone crazy.

Savage and Eddie McClintock are brothers whose father leaves for another woman and whose mother tries to run him over with a car. It’s the perfect set-up for a comedy that everybody can relate to.

Recently discharged from a psychiatric facility, Suzanne (Jane Curtin) turns to her two sons, Mitch and Jody, for support, but the boys have a difficult time getting along and agreeing on the best treatment for their “vulnerable” mother. After a failed Hollywood career, Mitch has returned home to New England, while Jody continues to devote his time to their family restaurant and finding the perfect woman.

Despite their troubled relationship, Mitch and Jody manage to stick together and help their mother deal with even more drama – her ex-husband Billy (William Devane) and his girlfriend are about to have a baby.

Rather than succumb to her depression, Suzanne finds comfort in Elvis, her psychiatric orderly who landed a job at the family restaurant as a bartender after Billy notified the facility of his and Suzanne’s romantic relationship. Each week, the family desperately tries to put the pieces of the puzzle back together, but they quickly realize the crumbs have scattered everywhere.

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