Lawrence dons the dress again

Having sizeable expectations for this film, I thought for sure that “Big Momma’s House 2” would be a comedic success. The first installment of this series was quite entertaining, so I was hoping this sequel would be even better.

FBI agent, Malcolm Turner (Martin Lawrence), has taken a public relations job in order to please his pregnant wife Sherry (Nia Long). She is due any time now and does not want him in harm’s way. Well, Malcolm does not like dressing up as an eagle and talking to children about safety, especially once he hears of his partner’s murder.

Prohibited from working on the case, Malcolm knows that he must break a few rules and spy on the meeting being held for it. Now he has all the information needed to start secretly working on the case.

Malcolm decides that Big Momma is the perfect candidate for his undercover work. He pulls her out of the closet, packs up his things, tells his wife he is going to a safety convention, and heads out to start his “epic” transformation.

Big Momma gets a job as a nanny with the family that she needs to spy on. However, she did not know that three dysfunctional children were waiting.Basically, this film has a picture perfect ending and does not leave much up to the imagination. In the end, this film was a huge disappointment. I was expecting more comedy than was delivered. Most of the film drifted towards the dramatic genre. However, there were a few scenes worth laughing about.

If you like “Big Momma’s House,” then this sequel may not be as appealing. But if you have not seen it, then “Big Momma’s House 2” may be decent. This film may have been worth while if there would have been more comedy. I suggest waiting to rent the film if you really want to see it though.

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