Two SHSU students upgrade desire for a sign

Last Thursday evening, two female SHSU students were caught stealing the “Upgrade your fries for free” sign at the Huntsville Jack in the Box.

An officer was patrolling the 2200 block of Sam Houston Avenue when he or she observed the two females stealing a sign off the back of the Jack in the Box building facing the drive thru line.

A Jack in the Box employee, who asked to remain anonymous, recalled, “The two girls were having a hard time getting the sign off and once they did, they tried to run, but the officer was there to stop them.”

The officer was able to apprehend both girls and returned the sign to Jack in the Box. The two SHSU students were cited for a class “C” misdemeanor offense of theft.

“We usually don’t have this sort of problem because we do have cameras,” said the Jack in the Box employee.

The officer told the Jack in the Box employees that the girls said that they were just trying to have a little fun.

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