Lizard’s chooses to keep current Thursday night style

Lizard’s Sports Bar and Grill has decided to keep its old atmosphere as the bar owner pulls the plug on the idea of transforming Lizard’s into a nightclub on Thursday nights.

“We decided it would be too much of a headache to have Lizard’s be a dance club on Thursdays,” said bar owner Ed Garza. “We would have to pay more for insurance, and it would be too much of a hassle to move the pool tables out of the way and risk damaging the tables.”

“We wanted something different and wanted to see if we can bring in a different crowd,” said head bartender, James Cobb, explaining why they wanted to try out the short lived dance club idea.

Lizard’s has been in existence for three years now and was the dance club paragon before it became the “best pool in town,” according to some students on campus.

“I think a pool hall should remain a pool hall and promote the pool hall as it is instead of being something they are not. It would not be big enough for a club,” said mass communications major Brandon Hudson, when asked about his thought on the transition for Thursdays.

“It would have been a nice change,” said SHSU student and pool fanatic Mark Dozar. He added, “It would have taken away from Huntsville because it’s the best place for pool in Huntsville.”

Lizard’s boasts one of the best live performance nights in Huntsville on Friday nights and plans to keep their reputation for that.

“We plan on bringing in a band that played during the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin on Feb. 24,” said Cobb.

Lizard’s still offers open mic night on Tuesday’s and will be offering their same schedule throughout the week for Huntsville bar hoppers.

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