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Moussaoui Removed From Courtroom

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) _ Proclaiming “I am al-Qaida,” terrorist conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui disrupted the opening of his sentencing trial Monday and was tossed out of court as selection began for the jurors who will decide whether he lives or dies. He disavowed his lawyers and pledged to testify on his own behalf in the trial that is to begin March 6.

Hundreds in Iran Protest Muhammad Drawings

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) _ Hundreds of angry protesters hurled stones and fire bombs at the Danish Embassy in the Iranian capital Monday to protest publication of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. Police used tear gas and surrounded the walled villa to hold back the crowd. It was the second attack on a Western mission in Tehran on Monday. Earlier in the day, 200 student demonstrators threw stones at the Austrian Embassy, breaking windows and starting small fires. The mission was targeted because Austria holds the presidency of the European Union.

Iran Tells Nuke Agency to Remove Cameras

VIENNA, Austria (AP) _ Iran has told the International Atomic Energy Agency to remove surveillance cameras and agency seals from sites and nuclear equipment by the end of next week in response to referral to the U.N. Security Council, the agency said Monday. Iran’s demands came two days after the IAEA reported Tehran to the council over its disputed atomic program.

Bomb explodes at police headquarters in southern Afghan city, killing 13

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (AP) – A suspected suicide bomber attacked a guard post outside the police headquarters in the main city in southern Afghanistan, killing 13 people and wounding 11, officials said.

Ten of the dead and five of the wounded were police who were standing guard when the assault occurred, said Mamoon Khan, a doctor at Mirwaise Hospital, which was treating the injured. The rest of the victims were civilians.

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