SHSU students spare some time

Women do it more than men, African Americans do it more than Asians and Hispanics do it the least. Volunteering.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 65 million people volunteered between September 2004 and September 2005. That may seem like a large number but in reality, it accounts for only 28.8 percent of the population and Sam Houston State University is calling on its students to help increase that figure.

SHSU Jr. Amelia McGlone, in cooperation with the SHSU Student’s Activity Program is working to raise the numbers of those who volunteer through a new program at SHSU that will match a volunteer’s interests and likes with programs that need help.

On Wednesday, McGlone helped stage the second annual volunteer fair at SHSU to link students with organizations that need and want SHSU student help. “We want students to be involved in the community,” said McGlone. “It feels good to help out others.”

Over 20 different community groups were expected at the Wednesday fair, which included organizations such as The Girl Scouts, the League of United Latin American Citizens, CASA, SAAFE HOUSE, Habitat for Humanity and the Harriet Beecher Stowe Organization.

Dr. Caroline Crimm with the SHSU history department and a LULAC representative spent her day encouraging students to volunteer.

“Thirteen percent of the student population on campus is Hispanic, and we want to get them involved,” said Crimm.

She is looking into bringing a LULAC chapter onto the campus.

Sophomore and Habitat for Humanity vice president Tatiana Gonzalas is looking for a few good men. “We have mostly women volunteers. We need some guys to help build houses.”

The number one reason that most people do not volunteer is due to a lack of time and changing schedule but nursing students Crystal Boscow and Lakadrian Dixon, who volunteer at a nursing home, feel it is an important part of their lives.

“It is fun to visit with people and it makes you feel good too.”

There are many organizations that need help and will work with your schedule. Commitments do not have to be long-term or for long periods of time. Most of the organizations on campus are very flexible with your time. They will take help one day or one hour. Some require a little training and others just want you to share your skills.

To get more involved in your SHSU or Huntsville community contact, Amelia McGlone at 294-3468 or visit her in the Student Activities Department. She has a database that will match your specific interests with an organization.

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