SigGraph digital art show highlights abilities of its student members

The Siggraph organization is hosting a digital art show in the LSC gallery. The pieces will be on display until Feb. 17.

The show highlights various types of digital art pieces, including books, book covers, packaging, logos, advertisements and letterheads.

The pieces are categorized in three sections: graphics, digital art and animation. Graphics includes working pieces such as advertisements and logos. Digital art encompasses pieces that are created for esthetics and art value, rather than as a usable piece. Animations are displayed as screenshots and storyboard style printouts of 3D animations. Some sketches of sprites (characters) and other animation elements are also on display.

The doors to the LSC Gallery swung open on Feb. 2 to unveil the Siggraph show. Art students along with faculty, staff and family members gathered for an opening reception.

Interim dean of humanities and social sciences, Dr. Terry Thibodeaux came to the opening to see the pieces displayed.

He said the show “represents a lot of hard work from these kids.” Among these kids is Thibodeaux’s son, Mark.

Mark Thibodeaux serves as vice president for the Siggraph organization and said he was “pleased with the turnout of pieces.” He said they received about 30 more pieces than last year. “We’re very pleased with the quality,” Mark Thibodeaux said. He said they were strong pieces, and “the turnout was pretty good.”

He said the deadline was moved up for the show and that it was supposed to originally open about two weeks later.

Senior, Jason Sever was pleased with the display categories and said, “I like the set-up; it just flows.” Sever is an advertising graphics design major and had seen many of the pieces in classes. He had made many similar pieces during assignment. His favorite of all the advertising assignments, he said, was a two-page magazine spread for a travel adventure company.

The advertising pieces cover an array of products from mints to birth control pills.

Axel Murillo, a senior multi-media authoring and communications major said, “The work is great and really represents the hard work that the students put into it.”

Siggraph is a national organization dedicated to promoting information about computer graphics and interactive techniques. The national organization hosts various small conferences and a single large conference during the year.

In August of 2005, the SHSU Siggraph chapter attended the national conference in Los Angeles.

Senior, Coleman Carter said that during the conference he “learned a lot about graphics, animation, industry standards and new technology.”

Carter is majoring in advertising graphic design. He said he liked the animations, illustrations and the digital art, but he “enjoyed caricatures of the movie stars the most.”

This year, the Siggraph group is going to Boston in August to attend another national convention.

For more information on the Siggraph organization, you can find notices for their meetings posted in the art complex or request more information from any of their officers through their facebook group “Siggraph.”

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