Thriller yields mixed emotions

The phone rings. You pick it up. This is a natural reaction for everyone. “When a Stranger Calls” might just make you think twice about that.

Jill Johnson (Camilla Bell) is a high school girl who has just been grounded for going 800 minutes over on her cell phone. This means no car, no phone and no going to her high school bonfire. Instead, her parent’s set up a babysitting job for her at the Mandrakis’ residence, which is nothing short of amazing.

That Mandrakis’ are gone, the kids are sound asleep and she has the entire house to herself. The night seems to be going over smoothly until the phone rings.

Without giving it a second thought, Jill answers the phone. All you can hear is the person on the other line breathing. The mysterious man finally says a few words but hangs up before she can respond. It did not end there because he kept calling her back.

After a while, Jill is worried about these “prank” phone calls, so she calls the police. They cannot do anything about it because he did not threaten her, but they say that they will monitor the phone lines to see find the location of the caller.

Long story short, this man is inside the house. The children are missing, but Jill finds them and tries to hide them. That is easier said than done though whenever you have a psychotic killer after you.

Of course, it all comes to an end shortly after, but I will leave that up to you to see exactly what happens. I am having a difficult time trying to figure out how I feel about this film. However, there were certain elements in the film that I did enjoy, such as how they dealt with primarily one setting.

If you wanted to see this film, then go to the theater. You should enjoy it. I would definitely see “When a Stranger Calls” again because it was suspenseful and interesting from beginning to end, despite all of its flaws and predictable attributes.

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