“Firewall” maintains famous actor’s prestigious film status

When you hear the name Harrison Ford, a few things come to mind. For me, it is the audacious Millennium Falcon captain Han Solo and the daring archeologist Indiana Jones. Both characters personify who Ford is, so when I saw his name in the cast for “Firewall,” I did not hesitate for a moment to see this film.

Jack Stanfield (Harrison Ford) is a well-to-do security executive for a global bank. No matter how busy things may get, he always makes sure that his family is his first priority. Little does he know that what is most important to him is about to be put in harm’s way.

It is pizza night at the Stanfield’s, and the delivery man has just arrived. Whenever they open the door to pay for it, a group of guys storm in and take control of their house. They tie up Jack’s wife (Virginia Madison) and kids (Carly Schroeder and Jimmy Bennett) and wait for Bill Cox, (Paul Bettany), the leader of the pack and a possible Client of Stanfield’s, to bring Jack home.

The family is basically left in the dark about what these kidnappers want. At first, the family is told to follow the rules and give the group what they are asking for. The family is left to assume that what they want something to do with the bank, and they find out that money is what they are demanding.

Cox wants Jack to hack into the bank’s computer system and transfer 100 million dollars into his offshore accounts.

However, the bank is going through a merger at the moment and the proper equipment to do so is temporarily unavailable. Now Jack must think of an ingenious way to still give Cox the money that he demands.

“Firewall” was entertaining, and it kept me interested the whole way through. There was not a dull moment or scene in the film that seemed to be slow. Just as I expected, Harrison Ford did not let me down. I honestly cannot think of a single film where he has; he is just an amazing actor no matter what character he portrays. Also, all of the supporting actors did a great job as well. They all worked together in a professional manner that made this film more realistic and believable.

Although this film has its flaws, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good action-packed thriller. “Firewall” is a fun film that you can really get involved in, while trying to figure out exactly what will happen next.

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