Mistakes are now understandable

In the last issue I’ve stated two falsehoods. One was theologically false and the other was of placement false. I claimed that it is possible to be with Satan in doctrine and with God in principle. Well God cannot conspire with the help of a doctrine of Satan which does not acknowledge God’s truth. The second falsehood was my mentioning of Curt Harlow speaking on Feb. 9, 2006. That is incorrect. He will be speaking this coming Thursday on the 16th of 2006.

For Christians, we were all born into sin because of Adam and Eve who ate the fruit that surely brought death. So when we were born we were in this sea of sin. Naturally as creatures, we would naturally not want to hurt ourselves. What brings us to sin if sin naturally brings us to be doomed to die? People sin for one reason only until they come to true revelation and still rebel. This is not to those who rebel but to those who mean to do good.

Us good folk, who sin unknowingly, sin because we are fooled into thinking that this sin is a good thing. The application of God’s word is important. We witness the evil effects of our sinful (fooled) nature so we know that it is now inherently bad. We still committed this evil so we are now bound by its consequences. Our next problem though is to understand why evil is evil and why good is good. This is a mundane question as it only gets into a heated analysis of temporal goodness which is at times separate from eternal goodness at moments.

God being perfect allows us to be perfect by grace. Grace is the way that God forgives. Those that have grace are not necessarily perfect. However, the only way to be perfect is by those that go through grace. I am not saying man is perfect all of his life. I am saying that man can become perfect and fully upright by what God has placed on the man and the man has accepted.

Everytime God meets with men and men show fear. God will say through himself or through a medium(angels) to not fear him.Multiple times God says do not fear Him(his love). Luke 1:13 “Do not be afraid” Genesis 26:24 “Do not be afraid, for I am with you” Deuteronomy 1:21 “Do not be afraid” Deuteronomy 1:29

“Do not be terrified; do not be afraid.”The only thing that fears God is the sinful nature which does not want to accept the consequences it is due.

As I have made some mistakes in content in previous articles, I know that I am not a righteous prophet because I still have some sin that fills my life.I know this is sin because it burdens me deeply in my heart which has lasted for months on end.I fear to reveal this because I fear the seemingly unknown.My faith is growing pale in a part of my life that I must break.It says in Matthew 11:29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. Perhaps we all need to learn from this.Taking Jesus yoke upon us and allow him to be in all of our actions.Faith is very important because it asks you to do something you have not done before but are given full assurance of.You will make or you have made mistakes.Don’t let that be your downfall and grow with strength in Christ and know you do not have to endure such a burden you give yourself.

Response to Eckstrom:

Enough is enough! I’ve have heard enough of Mr. Eckstrom’s Christian-driven views. I understand he loves Jesus and that’s great, but can he please save it for church. Let’s talk about the injustice of the Bush Administration and its agendas in Iraq. How come all these Bush supporters think it’s OK to send our troops in harms waybased on pre-conceived war agenda and cherry-picked intelligence, but crucify former President Clinton for lying about an affair with an intern? I think that lying about something that causes thousands of young American’s to lose their lives is far worse than a lie about an affair. I wish people would learn to think for themselvesand learn to invoke their rights to question our elected officials. –John Doe

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