Educational organization makes its bed in the mall area

After numerous phone calls, countless inquiries and many confused faces, the mystery of the bed in the LSC mall area has been unveiled.

With the help of the Exceptional Men of Talented Tenth, Residence Life and the University Hotel, the bed was placed in the mall area by the BACCHUS Network, a peer education organization on campus that focuses on sexual awareness, alcohol abuse prevention and other related student health and safety issues.

The “Bed Program” was designed to see how many students would sign the bed without thinking of how many signatures were already on the bed or knowing anything about it. They believe this is reflective of sexual relationships, and they feel that many students do not ask questions about their partner’s sexual history.

“A lot of students do not realize that with each new sexual partner, they are not only being exposed to infections that their partner might have but also to each one of their partner’s past partners,” said Michelle Lovering, BACCHUS advisor.

As part of Sexual Responsibility week, the goal of BACCHUS was to show students the importance of having effective communication with their partners. Questions regarding sexual history should not be embarrassing or considered “stupid” especially when it comes to the student’s overall wellbeing.

“Most people do not usually

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show signs of having a sexually transmitted infection but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ask your partner about their sexual history,” said Lorna Wadsworth, SHC registered nurse.

The Student Health Center offers confidential STD testing, including anonymous HIV testing. There is a different test for each potential infection and prices vary for each. Students must call in advance to set up an appointment.

To make an appointment, call the Student Health Center at (936) 294-1805. For more information about BACCHUS, contact Michelle Lovering at (936) 294-4347 or mlovering

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